Radio_HourI’d like to give a hearty “Hear, Hear!” to anyone considering inviting Bob Mclalan to speak at their function or meeting. I had the honor of interviewing Bob for my radio program called RealClear Radio Hour on Bloomberg Radio, and then had the pleasure of getting to know him as a friend. I would describe Bob as a world class raconteur with a heart of gold. The most precious thing for the host of a radio program is to interview a guest who is not just a superb storyteller but someone who has lived life to the fullest, collecting a deep repertoire of experiences that become grist for stories freighted with passion and wisdom. Bob had me, and our audience, hanging on every word. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the program yourself.
The Road Less Traveled
Since learning about Bob’s experiences caring for his institutionalized sister, I’ve urged him to write and speak about his devotion to her, and the challenges they had to overcome. I was so pleased to learn that he is doing that and more.
Bill Frezza
Host, RealClear Radio Hour

Bill Frezza,